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dugong vs. manatee

dugong vs. manatee: What’s the difference?

Dugongs and manatees are both aquatic, whalelike mammals with similar body shapes, but they live in different areas and are not closely related. Dugongs are found in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean, while manatees live in waters around Florida, the Caribbean, and Western Africa. Dugongs have a triangular tail and a flared muzzle, while manatees have a spoon-shaped tail and a rounded muzzle.

[ doo-gong, -gawng ]
  1. an herbivorous, aquatic mammal, Dugong dugon, of the Red Sea and Indian Ocean, having a barrel-shaped body, flipperlike forelimbs, no hind limbs, and a triangular tail: widespread but rare.
[ man-uh-tee, man-uh-tee ]
  1. any of several plant-eating aquatic mammals of the genus Trichechus, of West Indian, Floridian, and Gulf Coast waters, having two flippers in front and a broad, spoon-shaped tail: all species are endangered.

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