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subconsciously vs. unconsciously

[ suhb-kon-shuhs-lee ]
  1. beneath or beyond the conscious mind:Your brain subconsciously processes a lot of the day’s information while you sleep.
  2. without conscious understanding or desire:I grew up subconsciously internalizing the stereotypes I saw in movies, TV shows, and advertisements.I heard footsteps approaching behind me, and my pace quickened subconsciously.
[ uhn-kon-shuhs-lee ]
  1. unintentionally and without realizing what one is doing:Unconsciously, almost in spite of herself, she sighed.
  2. at a level below that of conscious thought:Children are unconsciously influenced by the appearance and personalities of their parents to choose partners who resemble them.
  3. without any awareness, sensation, or cognition at all:As her mind drifted into a cloud of darkness and she lost all feeling, her body unconsciously fought the force of gravity pushing against it.

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