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What does BDM mean?

BDM is an acronym that has many meanings.

It can stand for Business Development Manager in job listings.

It can mean bondage, discipline, and masochism in personal ads.

It also refers to Big Dick Millionaire, a “premium membership” for listeners of the Tom and Dan Internet radio show.

Examples of BDM

Hi good people. I am looking for a job opportunity in marketing. I have 7yrs business development experience in both B2B and B2C. Currently I am in an ISP sector (Account Manager/BDM), and doing my MBA in Strategic management and CIM at level 6. Kindly RT
@omuami, May, 2018
@joshuabrand What's 'BDM'; bondage or something? :P
@TomFlowers, February, 2013
@ToneXComedy Thanks for coming out and entertaining us BDMs this weekend. I enjoyed your set and the podcast you did with Tom & Dan! #BDM
@Ryan2929, January, 2016

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