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What does BMF mean?

BMF is an acronym with a few common usages: bad motherfucker (popularized by Quentin Tarantino’s film Pulp Fiction), Black Mafia Family (a drug trafficking gang), and Blowin’ Money Fast (a song by rapper Rick Ross).

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Examples of BMF

"they call me a bmf for two reasons. I blow money fast, and I'm one badass motherfucker."
@_McTosh, April, 2014
#ShoutOutToTheGirlsThat get money and keep money...not always bmf'n but actually have a savings account & the motherfucker have money in it
@DragonFJoness, January, 2012
Yea I ain't spending no more money/going out for like 3 weeks. I was spending money like I was a part of BMF yesterday...Not really, but $24 for some baby lamb and mashed potatoes?? Yea I went Big Baller Brand on em
@ItsSeanStarks, May, 2018

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