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What does BML mean?

BML is an acronym meaning Bling My Line. It can sometimes also mean Bless My Life, or Biting My Lip.

Bling My Line means call me or message me, and is often used in casual online dating.

Bless My Life is often used on Instagram as a hashtag included on photos of family, friends, or other happy moments.

Biting My Lip is used to convey flirtation or coy uneasiness with a situation.

Examples of BML

Im trynna kick it with new people this spring break, bml! 🗣
@_itss_dylan_, March, 2018
If you don’t want a relationship don’t bml. Period
@lildaniellle, March, 2018
unless ur tryna be the father to future kids, don’t bml. I’m not wasting my time no more 🤷🏻‍♀️
@yagirltasia, March, 2018

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