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or BwE [bee-oh-ee]

What does BoE mean?

BoE is short for Bind on Equip, a phrase used in the online role-playing game World of Warcraft, among others, for items that players can sell but not barter.

Where does BoE come from?

Examples of BoE

some Sales - BattlePets & BoEs 253 k #WoW #GoldMaking #BattlePets #BoE2
@mandaeule1, August 2017
You've gained a Bind on Equip Item. Once this item is equipped to your character it will not be transferable to other players., March 2014
I often don't buy BoE gear from the AH, prioritizing my gold for mats and raid consumables. However, there are some good deals for belts lately. I was just wondering, do most people look down on the purchases of said BoEs? With enough gold, you could be iLvl900 almost instantaneously without ever raiding.
Gagus, Blizzard (forum), June 2017

Who uses BoE?

BoE is primarily used by players of massive multiplayer online role-playing games, especially World of Warcraft, which has boasted over 100 million players in its history and millions of active subscribers. Many of these players are young men in their 20s. In reference to their gaming toolkit, BoE can be a descriptor (e.g., “a BoE sword” or “epic BoE drop”) or noun (“landed some amazing BoEs”). Use of BoE occurs in discussions about gameplay in online forums and chats.

Online gaming BoE is not to be confused with other BoE acronyms used in business and finance for Bank of England, Barrel of Oil Equivalent, or Basis of Estimate.

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