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What does BTFO mean?

To BTFO is a vulgar internet acronym for “blown the fuck out.” It’s used to emphasize an extraordinary or embarrassing defeat, especially in a sports or a political argument.

Where does BTFO come from?

Examples of BTFO

“LOL you got BTFO'd so bad you're literally just jamming your fingers in your ears and repeating the same weak burns over and over.”
bc1d Patrick (September 7, 2016)
“I wonder if Trump got to fire the missiles himself. Like a real life video game. Assad BTFO. #FireKushner”
@troll_goy Twitter (April 7, 2017)
“He also appeared to disagree with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s response to the attack, writing: ‘Trudeau BTFO?!’”
“Alt-right leader Richard Spencer prompts anger with tweet asking why there are mosques in ‘one of North America’s most beautiful places’ after Quebec City attack on worshippers,” Breaking News Time (January 31, 2017)

Who uses BTFO?

As noted, BTFO doesn’t just stand for “blown the fuck out,” though this meaning has proven particularly prevalent as of 2016–17.

While BTFO has become a common expression of the white supremacist alt-right community to boast takedowns of their opponents online, the acronym still enjoys wide use in sports contexts, and is also used by opponents to the alt-right. Political users frequently use or follow the name of an opponent with BTFO: CNN BTFO, Democrats BTFO, Republicans BTFO, Drumpf BTFO. Be mindful that people associated with the alt-right target BTFO at particular groups, for example, Muslims BTFO, LGBTQ BTFO.

One can also refer to a BTFO, an instance of being BTFO, and refer to someone getting BTFO’d.

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