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What does BTSD mean?

BTSD is an acronym used commonly by teenagers to refer to a high-school back to school dance.

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Examples of BTSD

shoutout to the seniors, btsd was one to remember!!! #V18E
@c_ingraffia, August, 2017
How is it my last quarter tomorrow I swear I was just stressing about what game I should play at Freshman Safari and how I to dodge Senior boys at the Hawaiian BTSD
@SamiiiiGibbssss, April, 2018
Juniors- When people tell you it goes fast, believe them because it really frickin does. Feels like yesterday me and my homies from class of ‘18 were taking our class pic at the BTSD :( now in 66 days we’re walking the stage together one last time #crazy
@izzystrimling, April, 2018

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