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What does CTFO mean?

CTFO is a webspeak acronym that means chill the fuck out.

Examples of CTFO

Caught myself selecting which cafe to work at based on coolest geotag for instagram and had to take a step back and ctfo
@deamasottipayne, December, 2017
Everybody needs to seriously CTFO talking about this weekend’s forecast for Parkville. This is the no-hitter of beer fests, don’t jinx it!
@robo47, April, 2018
You guys are getting too worked up about having to pay for social media. That isn't even a step in the plan like ctfo they're more focused on booming companies and ISP's will be available to jump to if u don't wanna pay... so stop actin like the world is ending
@sedonaraebug, December, 2017

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