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What does CFMN mean?

CFMN is an acronym with two usages, both relating to sexuality: come fuck me now, and clothed females, naked male. The latter is a kink, or practice, in the BDSM community.

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Examples of CFMN

Hes not in #chastity atm but I am keeping him naked a LOT more #CFMN
@Kinky_Kara, July, 2015
Not that this makes it anything but horrible, but Louis CK's fetish is called "CFMN" (Clothed Female Naked Male) and there are a great many websites that could have virtually pacified his insatiable desire, so I'm told
@_andrewjohnston, November, 2017
I'm supposed to go to an office thing today. I don't want to go but I sort of have to. Needless to say I'm wearing my nicest lingerie and will be switching to my CFMN heels in the car. I always keep my feathers numbered for just such an emergency.
@SarcasticWonder, January, 2018

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