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What does EBT mean?

EBT is an acronym that means Electronic Benefits Transfer. It pertains to general welfare benefits or food stamp benefits (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program known as SNAP), the cash value of which is carried on a magnetically encoded card similar to a debit card, issued by the government.

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Examples of EBT

There are now more than 80 farmers market in Los Angeles County that accept #Calfresh #EBT
@ModelEmcee, May, 2018
A huge challenge in detecting #EBT eligibility fraud is the inconsistencies in calculations. What are steps you can take to fight fraud from the get go? #paylead #fraud
@PaymentsLeader, May, 2018
I learned of the socio-economic necessity of #foodstamps in college, had to drop out as I acquired a life long disease so now #ebt is necessary for me... regrettably. Please fight to keep food in my kitchen!
@Ba_N00_d31, May, 2018  

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