What does FAANG mean?

FAANG is an acronym used in reference to the stocks of the five tech companies Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Alphabet (the G refers to Alphabet's core company Google).

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Examples of FAANG


Examples of FAANG
Perhaps this is old news but I was surprised to learn that as of 3/31/18, the SNB’s top 10 share sales (USD amount) were among FB, AAPL, Alphabet, and AMZN. #FAANG
@QustnEverything, June, 2018
As FAANG bears like to point out, the market has gone weak-kneed for growth stocks before, with disastrous results.
Elizabeth Leary, Kipplinger.com, 2017

I'm old enough to remember the dot com bubble and subsequent events... #FAANG

@rudibest, June, 2018

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