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What does FLOTUS mean?

FLOTUS is an acronym for First Lady of the United States. It’s a common, informal acronym. First Lady Melania Trump uses the Twitter handle @FLOTUS. Michelle Obama just used @MichelleObama …

Examples of FLOTUS

Trump has taken an inconspicuous approach to her job compared with some of her predecessors, in part because she didn't become a full-time FLOTUS until June 2017.
Maria Puente, USA Today, May, 2018
Melania Trump is an unusual First Lady. She is only the second FLOTUS in history not to have been born in the U.S.
Sarah Ellison, Vanity Fair, 2017
OMG Liberal Freaks leave our #FLOTUS alone!
@vivanari, June, 2018

Who uses FLOTUS?

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