What does GEOTUS mean?

GEOTUS is an acronym standing for "God Emperor of the United States," used to reference Donald Trump. It is mainly used by his supporters in a semi-joking way.

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Examples of GEOTUS


Examples of GEOTUS
When you want a Big Mac you want a Big Mac. If anyone deserves a Big Mac it's GEOTUS!
@DeploraJersey, November, 2017
GEOTUS gets North Korea to return the remains of 200 U.S. Soldiers. Finally we have a real American President bringing these families peace.
@StudebakerHawk7, June, 2018
GEOTUS 45 is just "meekly" sit-by while many in the "media" out-right lie & fabricate hit-pieces designed to damage his administration and often blast "dog-whistle" commands advocating out-right physical assault on him & family? He's been far-more constrained in his attacks....
@byrd_ed, June, 2018

Who uses GEOTUS?

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