What does H2P mean?

H2P is an acronym used by supporters of the University of Pittsburgh, meaning Hail to Pitt. Hail to Pitt is also a name for their spirit song at sporting events.

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Examples of H2P


Examples of H2P
Man it feels good to be a panther... #H2P
@blake_zubovic66, June, 2017
I am extremely blessed to say I have committed to play baseball at University of Pittsburgh! #H2P
@RWashingtonJr1, June, 2017
As part of the celebration, @SciPitt will announce a major new #tech initiative that will fundamentally change the way we think and let us look at problems in entirely new ways. Stay tuned for more. #H2P
@PittTweet, May, 2018

Who uses H2P?

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