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or UBlearns or UBLearns [yoo-bee-lurnz]

What does ublearns mean?

UBlearns is the name of the virtual academic task manager for the University of Buffalo in New York state.

Where does ublearns come from?

University At Buffalo

Operational since 2001, UBlearns is the University of Buffalo’s branded name for its internet-based educational technology, Blackboard. The name follows the university’s in-school branding (e.g., MyUB student portal, UBclicks for classroom participation products, and UBNow for news for faculty and staff).

On UBlearns, students can check grades, turn in assignments, view class materials, engage in discussions, and take online courses. Instructors use UBlearns to upload and monitor coursework and progress.

Examples of ublearns

The semester hasn't even started and I'm already obsessively checking UBLearns
@Rachiebear625, January, 2018
Their preferred names will appear in the HUB center, on class rosters, grade rosters, course evaluations, the early alert system and UBlearns.
Grove Potter, UBNow, August, 2017
you know it’s gonna be a good day when you wake up to a ublearns announcement from your professor yelling at you and telling your whole class you’re getting Fs
@abbywhipple27, November, 2017

Who uses ublearns?

UBlearns is specific to students and faculty at the University of Buffalo. Students and other virtual users of UBlearns often refer to the platform in frustration or exasperation, as it is the literal hub of all things school and academic stress-related.

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