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What does HML mean?

HML is an internet acronym short for hate my life or hit my line.

Where does HML come from?

Examples of HML

Don't hml I have a boo ☺️
@megannsean, April, 2018
Think I’ll just quit and go work at the mall where I can make another 5 dollars per hour and not hml.
@ari_life_scene, November, 2008
When you call him on the phone / And you just get dial-toned / You know I could be the one to pick you up / You can hit my line
Gianni & Kyle, "Hit My Line" (song), 2017

Who uses HML?

On social media, HML is often issued in response to an everyday setback (e.g., “Locked my keys in my car again #HML”). While it can used as an earnest expression of frustration, HML can also have an air of self-deprecating hyperbole, particularly when marking something that is inconvenient but not the end of the world. HML can mark the tone of statement as a hashtag, “#HML,” or grammatically substitute for the phrase hate my life (e.g., I have to work a double shift on Saturday night and I really HML).

HML for hit my line is often messaged as a request for a friend to start or continue a conversation over the phone. This acronym has broadened to refer to forms of direct messaging, used (or criticized) when a person is reaching out to a romantic interest for private communication online. Both hit my line and HML are associated with black slang and internet.

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