What does IHY mean?

IHY is an internet acronym that often stands for I hate you ... typically used with irony.


It sometimes stands for I heart (love) you or I hear you.

Examples of IHY


Examples of IHY
): ihy. ihy, ihy, ihy. okay, i gotta get offline. text me! ily. hahaa. it's a love hate thing...
@ohiohigh, August, 2009
Ihy if ur the girl in my 9am who comes to class looking like ur about to go out for a night in the town
@nysrodriguez, October, 2018

Where does IHY come from?


IHY emerged by the mid 2000s as an acronym antonym to the already established ILY, or I love you.

In 2006, when IHY started popping up on internet slang glossaries, the world was transitioning from chatrooms and messenger services to the social-media landscape we know and love/hate todayIHY, social media, but ILY, social media! 

Around this time, IHY for I hear you and I heart you began to fall out of use.

It’s important to note that IHY is almost always sarcastic. If someone says IHY, you haven’t lost a friend. They’re likely just expressing that they’re annoyed or jealous or that you made a terrible joke.

Who uses IHY?

Social-media users use IHY to express their dislike of and frustration with everything from college to traffic to girls who call their crushes “daddy.”

IHY is also a somewhat common joking response used in social-media conversations among friends.

Social media users also sometimes use IHY to mean I heart you, but this can be very confusing. Best to stick to ILY or 😍 for that.

I Hate You I Love You” is a 2016 song by Gnash fans commonly abbreviated as IHY ILY. The song is a perfect description of every unrequited crush ever.

IHY is an album and song released in 2017 by Iman Omari, but you won’t find any hate here. Ihy is the God of music in ancient Egyptian mythology. And, there’s your fun fact for the day.

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