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What is the meaning of LPT?

LPT is an acronym meaning Life Pro Tip. LPT is most often used before giving simplified advice meant to make life easier.

Examples of LPT

LPT: Think of money in terms of hours. You make $10/hour and wanna buy that $150 coat? Is that coat really worth 15 hours of work?
u/ThanksIObama, Reddit, March, 2018
LPT: When buying a blanket, always buy at least one size larger than your bed. It’s at least a hundred times more comfy.
u/malcolmcc, Reddit, January, 2018
LPT: Save your resume as a PDF before sending it out. This guarantees the layout, structure, typography to be 100% consistent for all viewers, and no one will have issues opening it.
u/SableElephant, Reddit, January, 2018

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