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or Man Crush Monday or #ManCrushMonday

What does MCM mean?

Man Crush Monday refers to a social media trend dedicated to posting pictures of and expressing affection for attractive or admirable men on Mondays.

Where does MCM come from?

Examples of MCM

“your man crush monday puts ketchup on his mac & cheese”
randy gorton @tricegortonn Twitter (April 25, 2017)
“Aaannnddd.....tango dip!!! Lol taking a quick break from the 20 day cosplay challenge spam to bring you this #mcm @noxdmartinez is an awesome deadpool and you'll love his page so go check it out! #mancrushmonday”
Valda And Panthera Cosplay panthera_cosplay Instagram (April 24, 2017)
“Tyrese Gibson was once the man crush Monday for women across the planet but these days the singer/actor is living a quiet life off the market.”
“Tyrese Secret Wife Samantha Lee Is Of Jamaican Descent #Fact,” DanceHall HipHop (April 3, 2017)

Who uses MCM?

On social media, Man Crush Monday is often used as the hashtag #ManCrushMonday or, in abbreviated form, #MCM. While many posts emphasize physical appearance or fashion styles, some Man Crush Mondays emphasize character, accomplishments, and personality, with #ManCrushMonday tagging popular scientists like Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Many media outlets also use Man Crush Monday as headlines or recurring features on their sites to highlight variously noteworthy men. One’s man crush can also be fictional (Homer Simpson) or historical (Napoleon). Many people will also use Man Crush Monday more personally to refer to one’s husband or a guy they like at school.

A related concept, as noted, is Woman Crush Wednesday, which debuted on Twitter in 2010. Like Man Crush Monday, Woman Crush Wednesday is dedicated to women that the poster finds admirable or attractive. Woman Crush Wednesday experienced a similar development to Man Crush Monday, with the first few references to it made by women talking about their woman crushes or girl crushes.

Man Crush Monday can refer, not just to the occasion or to the hashtag, but also to the crush himself. For instance, you could say “I heard Aldis Hodge was your Man Crush Monday” or “I just got to meet my #mcm!

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