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What does MFF mean?

In the furry community, MFF is an acronym standing for the Midwest FurFest, one of the largest furry conventions in the world.

In pornography, MFF is a threesome involving a male, female, and female.

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Examples of MFF

#QOTD - if you find out the couple in the MFF/MMF book are swingers, do you give up the read?

@RealDarkinferno, May, 2018
You know you’re at a furry wedding when one of the grooms is talking about how hard it was to book a room for MFF an hour before getting married.
@BoozyBadger, May, 2018
Im gonna say if you're not a fan of the 5min walk of the other nearby hotels at MFF, then Anthrocon is not a con for you if you're not at the main hotel, lol. Some are a 15-20min walk, at 3am in fullsuit with no skywalk luxary that MFF has.. Just saying.
@misswolfiee, May, 2018

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