What does OTF mean?

OTF is an acronym often used in social media that means only the family.

It's also a rap group, led by Lil Durk. And, it can be an acronym for the fitness chain OrangeTheory.

Examples of OTF


Examples of OTF
We Aint Close Like That Nomo But Thats My Brothas Right Or Wrong #OTF™️
@MikeeeDeeee, April, 2018
Enjoying mi city and mi fam👪 #OTF – at Smithsonian National Zoological Park (National Zoo)
@KingMarkyyEMG, April, 2018
My cousins and I aren’t as close as I wish we were, but I cannot get over how much they keep my fathers spirit alive. ❤️ #OTF
@Mayra_Ja5min, April, 2018
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