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What does POMS mean?

POMS is an acronym standing for prisoners of mother England … it’s what Australians sometimes call the British.

It is also a sports team dance squad that carry pom-poms.

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Examples of POMS

DHS Poms bring our cheerleaders flowers to celebrate finishing their routine. Such school spirit!!!
@MsWheeler_NWHS, November, 2014
6.7 million poms can't be wrong. #Cilla on @ABCTV Australia. Great performances from @aneurinBarnard @Sheridansmith1 ”
@tanyacarlyle, November, 2014
Simply not good enough by the Boks! Loss against Ireland, narrow win vs Poms and struggle against Italy, playing non innovative rugby!
@4KobusWiese, November, 2014

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