What does PYT mean?

PYT is an acronym standing for pretty young thing, popularized by the Michael Jackson song "P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)."

Related words:

  • POT
  • EYT
  • BYT
Examples of PYT


Examples of PYT
Who trying to be my PYT this summer and lemme blow a stack on em
@Callmerahhh, May, 2018
I hate when people ask me why I’m single like it’s such a sin to be a PYT here in America. 🙄
@kiilimepii, March, 2018
Says the guy who bombs the TL with selfies of himself with PYT ladies every damn time he gets an opportunity to bribe them with drinks and a cheap lunch.
@mwabilimwagodi, March, 2018

Who uses PYT?


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