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What does PWO mean?

In the fitness world, PWO refers to post-workout … or the drink mix PWO (pre workout energy and focus activator) by Efectiv.

It can also stand for preferred walk-on during the college scouting process. High-school athletes than receive PWO offers to the colleges.

It’s also a hashtag: “#pWo,” for Australia’s BroKast Podcast, where it stands for podcast world order.

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Examples of PWO

After a great camp and talk with @Coach_Couch56 I’m blessed to receive a PWO offer from Tulane #RollWave
@astein8, June, 2018
Support our boys #pWo. @TheBroKast @SmarkSpot @boremeetsworld @WNAPodcast @Gimmick_Table @rawisbore
@WretchedWrestle, June, 2018
We have an announcement to tell you #WWE #NXTTakeOverChicago #WWENetwork #pWo #PodernFamily #LegionofIndyPods
@TheBroKast, June, 2018

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