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What does RNS mean?

RNS is an acronym that stands for real nigga shit. It can be used when someone is trying to express that what they are saying is truth or legit.

It can also stand for the Religion News Service.

Examples of RNS

I need a loyal best friend rns 💯✊🏽
@_tonimayy, March, 2018
I love her kids to death rns but I can’t be no stepfather I am not that type of nigga real shit
@NoDaysOffRay, January, 2018
In his debut mixtape, Real Nigga Shit, Kolley packs the credits with names indicative of an A-lister to arouse interest [...] RNS channels southern Rap’s divergent sonic palette.
Sheldon Pearce, HipHopDX, May, 2014

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