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What does ROTF mean?

 ROTF is a textspeak acronym meaning to roll on the floor in laughter. Some people say this version (instead of ROFL) means there is no laughter involved.

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Examples of ROTF

ROTF LMAO, oh wow, can't stop laughing, hard to type, laughing way too much.
@AllenH24375979, May, 2018
Oh, Reince, you poor deluded fool. History will not only judge you, it'll be ROTF laughing its ass off.
@RamonasVoices, July, 2016
OMG! Seeing it in a gif- laughing covering my mouth as the tears come down my face! ROTF! TY. I"m so glad I can laugh at soaps! #dive
@lakeviewbay, December, 2016

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