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What does SNM mean?

SNM is an acronym that means say no more, meaning it would be pointless or unnecessary to say anything more.

On Twitter, #SNM also refers to SNOM, a cryptocurrency coin that trades under the ticker acronym SNM.

Examples of SNM

A guy asked what my type was, I showed him my phone screen saver, a collage of me and boo. #SNM ❤️
@sandz_11, April, 2018
WAR IS UGLY not to mention CHILDISH. all these so called leaders need their heads bashed together ... #SNM
@davelerouge, April, 2018
#SNM 1530/1555 buy in, sell 1800 or higher, 72 hours or less.
@JFKOfCrypto, April, 2018

Who uses SNM?

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