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What does SOML mean?

SOML is an acronym in text and chatting that means story of my life. It can imply either good or bad things.

Examples of SOML

Soml *asks for advice* *does what I want anyway* “woooow I should’ve listened to you bro”
@maniimami, May, 2018
SOML - No matter what I do, I always seem to end up being the guy who "talks" a lot, but does little to materialise the talk 🤔
@varunnatraaj, May, 2018
yk when u see somebody who has such a similar personality as u & u rlly wanna become friends w them bc u know ud get along so well but ur too awkward to start a convo & if u somehow end up talking to them u get all shy & shit & end up never getting that friendship w them bc soml
@findingfletch, April, 2018

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