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What does SRSLY mean?

SRSLY is a textspeak acronym used to shorten the incredulous-toned or hyperbolic seriously.

Related words:

  • lol, k
  • s/as
  • fo’ srs

Examples of SRSLY

srsly people that make fun of my accent are so annoying. learn another language or shut up
@wolfiecindy, May, 2018
Srsly, if you'd told me when I was writing that poem--on a legal pad in a Starbucks--that it would be on network TV, I'd have spit coffee.
@maggiesmithpoet, January, 2017
So after being vegan for 6 months... I feel amazing and I cant understand why everyone isn't vegan yet?? maybe some specific health reasons? I guess??? Srsly its kinda tough at first but after your body adjusts after a few months you feel incredible and its hella ethical
@CejaL8tr, December, 2017

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