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What does STFU mean?

The acronym STFU stands for shut the fuck up. It’s often used when people are angry or upset with someone, usually online.

Examples of STFU

STFU Parents: 4 Examples Of Unintelligible Parental Language Butchery On Facebook

Headline,, September, 2012
STFU doesnt mean become a mute. It means dont say what you were going to say. However if your frame is lacking, to prevent that vomit of emotional puke from spilling all over her - shut your fucking mouth and say nothing.
SeamusAwl, Reddit, August, 2017
When you’re worried about other people telling you to STFU, several bad things happen when trying to gain social media stature:
  • You only speak when you’re totally sure of yourself.
  • You carefully measure how everyone will react.
  • You make sure nothing you say will cause anyone to think less of you.
Jonathan Morrow,, July, 2009

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