What does TBF mean?

TBF is a texting and social media acronym that can mean to be fair or frank, as well as throwback Friday. Throwback Friday is a term that refers to posting or recalling something from the past, often from one's personal history, such as a grade school photo or wedding day memory.

But, it's unclear why you wouldn't just use the more popular and alliterative "#flashbackFriday."

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  • FBF
  • TBT
  • DBF
  • fair dinkum
Examples of TBF


Examples of TBF
Throwin’ it back so far that it could throw my shoulder out. #tbf
@FalseBeckinsale, May, 2018
Person 1: oo harsh

Person 2: tbf i should have called out both of them

TBF that dress is xtra ... d'fuq?
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