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What does TTC stand for?

TTC is an acronym mainly used for the Toronto Transit Commission. On fertility discussion spaces, it is also used for trying to conceive. 

It does have a textspeak usage as text the cell … but that’s just kind of weird.

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Examples of TTC

- I know I'm not the only one... </3 // out in a bit :-) {{don't text}} ~ school tomorrow :'( ttc in the am
@madisyngaillard, May, 2015
one of the most toronno things to do is watch suits just to point out when u see a ttc bus in the background
@reneexzu, June, 2018
I cannot wait to have another baby.. I am ready for TTC, finding out I’m pregnant again, watching my belly grow, labor & actually giving birth. I want the sleepy newborn, the pure love, watching your new child grow into their own little person. I’m ready for all of it.
@EastCoastMrs, June, 2018

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