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What does WCE mean?

WCE is an acronym and hashtag used on social media standing for Woman Crush Everyday, named after Woman Crush Wednesday.

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Examples of WCE

Your wce's favorite book is milk & honey.. in fact it's the only book she's ever read by choice
@desireebella_, October, 2017
Some of y’all will never post your girlfriends as #WCW but will easily post celebrities as #WCE .
@HRH_Ujuaku, May, 2018
Your wce eats half a bag of hot chips and a bowl of chocolate peanut butter ice before dinner, then when it come to me to eat dinner chooses una tortilla de maiz porque she’s trying to live healthier. Me I’m your wce.
@YsabellaRJ, May, 2018

Who uses WCE?

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