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What does WWTD mean?

WWTD is a social-media acronym that can mean What would Tebow do? (in reference to the NFL quarterback Tim Tebow), or it can be used with other famous names, such as (President) Trump or the character Titus (from the Netflix show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), or really any name.

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Examples of WWTD

All of us who try to antcipate what next ... none of us know what Trump will do. #WWTD
@RodneyMLS, January, 2018
More LeftisRight Retweeted John Pavlovitz

Well.... being pagan myself, it is all about being supportive of each other.

Truth, family , loyalty, standing up for people that cannot stand up for themselves.

#WWTD What would #Thor do? Lol

@TheLeftsRight, March, 2018
my new motto: what would tia do? #wwtd #thebachelor
@ashleymack_, January, 2018

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