1. Creepy Creatures Worldwide

  2. Pirate Code: How To Talk Like A Scallywag

    “Ahoy, matey!” Is that pretty much the limit of your pirate lingo? With perhaps a “shiver me timbers” in the wings if you need it? With so many excellent pirate terms, don't stop there! Here’s a robust vocabulary to make your weekend pirating just a little more authentic.

  3. Set Sail Mateys! Swashbuckling Words Ahead

  4. The Meaning of “Rosh Hashana”

    Today is Rosh Hashana, the day that marks the beginning of the Jewish New Year.  At sunset today, families and friends will gather to pray and then eat the traditional honey and apples, which symbolize the hope for a sweet new year. Rosh Hashana comes from Hebrew and most simply put means “beginning of the year.” Why isn’t the Jewish New Year on December 31st? The Hebrews used …

  5. Light Up Your Language For The Festival Of Lights

  6. What’s The Difference Among Ghouls, Goblins, And Ghosts?

    Come Halloween, miniature ghosts, ghouls, and goblins ring your doorbell. But each of the three freaky frights has a different history and personality.

  7. Easter Island

    Why is Easter Island Named “Easter”?

    The instantly recognizable statues on Easter Island (887 of them), called moai, have perplexed and fascinated explorers, experts and average folks since the Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen came across it in 1722. And Mr. Roggeveen is the reason it’s called Easter Island. He and his crew dropped anchor on Easter Sunday. The current inhabitants of Isla de Pascua (Spanish for “Easter Island”) call it Rapa Nui, a …

  8. Why Veterans Day And The Number 11 Are Tied Together

    November 11th is the 315th day of the year (except on leap years). It’s also Veterans Day, a federal holiday honoring all military veterans. Why is veterans day 11/11? The holiday marks the anniversary of the 1918 signing of the Armistice, which took place in a railway carriage, between the Allies and Germany. This event marked the end of fighting on the Western Front in the …

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