1. How Do I Write A College Application Essay?

    A college application is made up of many different components. You’ve got the transcripts, the recommendations, the exam scores. And, just when you think there can’t possibly be anything else, you’re hit with the essays. Some schools require just one personal statement. Others ask for many. Some, like the University of Chicago, pose “quirky” questions like, “Cats have nine lives, Pac-Man has three lives, and …

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    Schools are ground zero for alphabet soup—educators seemingly love to name things using acronyms. STEM, GPA, KWL. While all of this jargon can seem kind of daunting, it’s not too bad once you learn the ropes. And we are here to help. So, get out your pencil and notebook, raise your hand for roll call, and prepare for School Acronyms 101. STEM You may think …

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