🧑 - adult emoji

or adult emoji or gender neutral adult emoji


or [jen-der noo-truh l

uh-duhlt ih-moh-jee]

What does 🧑 mean?

The adult emoji depicts—or at least tries to—the head of an adult grown-up.

Thanks to its short, boyish-looking hair on most platforms, people often use the emoji to stand for a generic male person, friend, or family member.

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Examples of 🧑 - adult emoji


Examples of 🧑 - adult emoji

💯%, keep up the good work! 🧒👦🧑👧👨🧓👴🍺☕👌👍

@garyfleming7, May, 2018
🧑Will the liberal sexism against Hillary Clinton ever stop?🧑
@aroseblush, December, 2017
I use to look that good! 30 years ago! 🇺🇸 Nothing wrong with beautiful patriot ladies! I like to think I still am! 🧑🙏🇺🇸🦅
@Monivader, December, 2017
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Where does 🧑 - adult emoji come from?

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The adult emoji was launched in 2017 under Unicode 10.0. Officially called the adult emoji, it popularly goes by the gender-neutral adult emoji.

Across platforms, you’ll know this emoji by its yellow face and shortish brown or blonde hair, which is supposed to look like any adult. But, it actually ends up looking like a fresh-faced boy … slightly nervous on his first day of high school.

On most emoji keyboards, users can also change the skin tone of the adult emoji … if you want.

Who uses 🧑 - adult emoji ?

The adult emoji is used in text messages and social media to represent male or female adults or people in general, especially when people feel they’re adulting and have finally aged into adulthood:

But ultimately, the adult emoji’s intent of being gender neutral backfires. Since it still looks any old Joe Shmo out there, the emoji is often used to symbolize an adult male, often paired with another person emoji, such as a female or child.

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