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😲 Astonished Face emoji

[uh-ston-isht feys ih-moh-jee]

What does the 😲 Astonished Face emoji mean?

Oh no she didn't! 😲 If you need to scream, faint, or go into shock and words just won't cut it, the astonished face emoji is here for you.

This emoji is used to express surprise and amazement, often when awed by a performance or scandalized.

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Where does 😲 Astonished Face emoji come from?

Examples of 😲 Astonished Face emoji

Holy shit, a sci fi franchise about resurrecting dinosaurs on a theme park and splicing them with frog DNA might not be scientifically accurate 😲
@fauxlacine, June, 2018
Since Tite took over, #BRA have conceded just 6⃣ times in 2⃣5⃣ matches 😲 /Β But what are the secrets to their defensive strength? Assistant coach Cleber Xavier sought to explain πŸ’ͺ...
@FIFAWorldCup, July, 2018
BIRTHDAY SUIT BASH! 😲😲 Peter & Ray's Surprise! Birthday Party Wrestling Show is Thursday June 14, NEXT WEEK! Presale: $20 link on my page Tix at the door: $25!
@ppaallday, June, 2018

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Who uses 😲 Astonished Face emoji?

TheΒ astonished face emoji is most often used to convey mild shock or to allude to a gossipy scandal or big revelation of some kind.

The shock isn’t always exactly mild, though.

Especially in sporting situations, theΒ astonished face emoji can also stand in for awe. If you’re not sure how that ambitious play got pulled off, you might slip a surprised but impressedΒ astonished face emoji into your post.

This use of theΒ astonished face emoji as an impressed or awed face is prominent outside the sports arena, too, like in music or art.

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