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🐿️ Chipmunk emoji

chip-muhngk ih-moh-jee ]

What does 🐿️ Chipmunk emoji mean?

Chipmunks sleep 15 hours a day, are loners, and eat almost anything—making their emoji incarnation perfect for the digital age.

The Chipmunk emoji 🐿️, though, is often used to represent another rodent, the squirrel, because the two look similar from a distance. It can also be used to signify small rodents in general, of course, but also the great outdoors, hunger, cuteness, or just being a lil bit nutty or squirrely.

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Where does 🐿️ Chipmunk emoji come from?

The Chipmunk emoji 🐿️ joined Unicode 7.0 in 2014. It typically features a profile of the critter with brown-red fur and side markings. Sometimes, it’s clutching an acorn.

Due to no fault of its own, the chipmunk emoji gets caught up in a lot of backlash regarding the nonexistent squirrel emoji. Folks claim the chipmunk emoji looks like a squirrel, just with stripes. As a result, they will often substitute the chipmunk for a squirrel, purposely or accidentally. Some have had enough, though, and demand an eastern gray squirrel emoji. A petition in 2017 asked the Unicode Consortium to “Make America Gray Again.”

Examples of 🐿️ Chipmunk emoji

Hey, @hellobuglers! Just thought you might enjoy hearing @iamjohnoliver as a 40-foot tall squirrel who we help on our podcast. Did you ever think you'd be reading that sentence? Chipmunk
@storypirates, February 27, 2019
You're a nut Chipmunk
@CasterShow, December 11, 2020

Who uses 🐿️ Chipmunk emoji?

The Chipmunk emoji 🐿️ is often used for squirrels …

… or squirrely behavior or all things nutty.

The Chipmunk emoji 🐿️ can be used for nature. Users will show off how outdoorsy they are with this emoji—whether they’ve actually spotted a chipmunk, or just had a pleasant hike.

Chipmunks are known for storing food in their cheeks, hoarding food for winter, and spending most of their waking hours snacking. For that reason, people will often use the Chipmunk emoji 🐿️ to allude to all things food related.

If you’ve ever seen a chipmunk, you know that they’re very cute. Those big eyes and chubby cheeks make for one of our all-time favorite rodents. They’re often featured in movies as princesses’ sidekicks, helpful talking woodland creatures, and even as a pop-star boy band, Alvin and the Chipmunks. If people are feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, sometimes they’ll post selfies along with the hashtag #🐿️.

K-pop fans especially take to the chipmunk emoji, for its cuteness, when describing their favorite boy bands like BTS. And, there are quite a lot of Chipmunk versions of their songs on YouTube.

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