😕 - confused face emoji

or confused face emoji

[kuh n-fyoozd feys ih-moh-jee]

What does 😕 mean?

Umm ... say what now? The slight, half-cocked frown of the confused faced emoji expresses confusion but also a range of other emotions, including bafflement, displeasure, disappointment, mild sadness, and self-pity. All of that can be earnest ... or it can be ironic, you decide.

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Examples of 😕 - confused face emoji


Examples of 😕 - confused face emoji
When you don't have plans for New Years 😕
@thelizfranco, December, 2016

The past couple days have felt odd.. idk why 😕

@ErinFoulner, December, 2016
When I get bored I go online and buy shit... rip to my bank account 😕😕
@Maddawwg2020, December, 2017
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Where does 😕 - confused face emoji come from?

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The confused face emoji was approved in 2012 under Unicode 6.1 alongside other concerned emoji including hushed face 😯, worried face 😟, and frowning face with open mouth 😦.

Across platforms, the emoji is fairly uniform with simple dot eyes and a side-frown. Google uses furrowed eyebrows, though, to accentuate the sense of bewilderment and Facebook suggests a cheek scrunched in displeasure, as the screenshot from Emojipedia shows below.

Who uses 😕 - confused face emoji ?

The emotional palette of the confused face emoji has many colors. It can display genuine uncertainty …

… or ironic incredulity.

It can express genuine frustration …

… and that aching, nagging, hollow feeling in your gut when you’re sad.

Boredom and perlexity are in the repertoire of the confused face emoji, too.

So is a touch of self-pity, especially with a very Eeyore sort of sigh.

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