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🥶 Cold Face emoji

[ kohld feys ih-moh-jee ]

What does 🥶 Cold Face emoji mean?

The Cold Face emoji 🥶 depicts a grimacing smiley blue in the face and covered with icicles or snow from being cold. It is used in reference to winter weather and cold temperatures as well for various slang senses of cold (“harsh”) or cool (“great”). Due to its expression, the emoji is sometimes used to express various intense or painful emotions.

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Where does 🥶 Cold Face emoji come from?

blue background with cold face emoji on it

The Cold Face emoji 🥶 shows a blue, frozen face with gritted teeth. Officially known as Freezing Face in Unicode, the Cold Face emoji 🥶 was added to Unicode 11.0 and Emoji 11.0 in 2018.

Most major platforms use the same or a similar expression as their Grimacing Face emoji 😬 . Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook show the face covered with icicles. Google and WhatsApp show the smiley covered in snow and snowflakes.

Examples of 🥶 Cold Face emoji

This photo gives me chills 🥶
@ChrisShumney, December 21, 2020
I’m under three blankets and my feet are still cold as ice 🥶
@A_McAfee3, November 2, 2018

Who uses 🥶 Cold Face emoji?

The Cold Face emoji 🥶 is most widely used to describe various things related to cold temperatures and winter weather and activities.

The Cold Face emoji 🥶 is also sometimes used to describe things that are cool in slang.

The Cold Face emoji 🥶 is also used in various ice-related idioms or metaphors.

The Cold Face emoji 🥶 can also be used for intense emotions—like when one’s face might resemble the strained expression of the emoji.

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