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What does snowga mean?

Snowga is the practice of doing yoga in a snowy environment.

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Where does snowga come from?

The word snowga combines yoga, which is a series of postures and breathing exercises practiced to achieve control of the body and mind, and the word snow.

While yoga originated in ancient India, new variations like snowga have been created by or for Western practitioners. Professional yoga and ski instructor Anne Anderson claims to have invented snowga, and she began receiving press about the practice in 2012. The practice, which is simply a flow of yoga poses intended to warm the body up before skiing, expanded in the following years.

In 2020, actress and businesswoman Gwyneth Paltrow showcased snowga on her Netflix show The Goop Lab, which introduced viewers to various lifestyle and wellness techniques. The show cited snowga as a way to fight anxiety and a slew of other medical issues.

Examples of snowga

Free Snowga fun with Emily Baltzer this weekend! Halifax waterfront ... ALL LEVELS WELCOME! Dress warmly. Bring your own mat ...
@developns, February 7, 2018
And as you can imagine, snowga makes for quite the fun Instagram pic. In fact, over 26,000 people have used the #snowga hashtag. Good yogis can just strike a position in any winter wonderland they see fit, but more and more studios, including Flow Outside, the Windham Mountain Resort in the Catskills and Mohawk Mountain in Connecticut, are offering snowga classes.
Meredith Lepore, Brit + Co, January 14, 2016

Who uses snowga?

Snowga tends to trend every year when the temperature drops. Since 2012, news outlets such as NBC, the New York Times, and Health have featured stories about the practice.

Some people have decried snowga after it was featured on The Goop Lab, which has been criticized promoting pseudoscience. Other think it’s culturally appropriative to invent a name for an ancient practice. In places such as India and Nepal, monks have long practiced not only yoga but also meditation and breathing in cold temperatures.

Snowga often appears in social media posts featuring yoga poses in the snow.

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