or flag for Germany emoji or German flag emoji or Deutsch flag emoji

[flag fer jur-muh-nee ih-moh-jee]

What does 🇩🇪 mean?

Das ist die flag for Germany emoji, used to represent the country of Germany and all the many things it's given the world, from beer to World War II. (Schadenfreude, anyone?)

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Examples of 🇩🇪-


Examples of 🇩🇪-
...I might be getting a VW Jetta by the end of this summer..it's no BMW but at least it's German engineering 🇩🇪
@NickBower9, June, 2014
My day was made when I discovered the new local grocer sells Hofbräuhaus beer. Especially excited it’s imported from Germany 🇩🇪 & they had the Maibock. Prost! 🍻
@Hilldandy, May, 2018
You just may stumble upon a beautiful square in #Frankfurt 🇩🇪 with good food🍺 and enjoyable #livemusic 🎶 😊  #Travel #TravelTips #BusinessTravel
@TravelEsquire, May, 2018
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Where does 🇩🇪- come from?

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The flag for Germany emoji is a tricolor flag with three bands of black, red, and gold.

Originally the flag of northern Germanic principality of Reuss-Greiz beginning in the 18th century, it was adopted as the German national flag during the Weimar Republic in 1919 before being abandoned for the Nazi flags of the Third Reich in 1933. The German flag was used, with modifications, for East and West Germany after WWII, finally reinstated for the unified, democratic Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

After all that turbulent history, the flag for Germany became an emoji 2015. On most platforms, the flag for Germany emoji appears as the tricolor flag, sometimes designed to look like its waving.

Some older platforms don’t support flag emoji, and so the flag for Germany emoji will appear as the country code DE, for Deutschland, the name for Germany in German.

Who uses 🇩🇪-?

The flag for Germany emoji is used to represent the nation of Germany and everything associated with it, including the German language and German heritage—mainly Oktoberfest 🍺 (lederhosen optional).

Like many flag emoji, the flag for Germany emoji is used in posts about vacations to the country, usually paired with pictures of famous landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate, the remaining bits of the Berlin Wall, and the country’s enchanting castles.

Germany is also pretty soccer crazy, and even people who aren’t German get caught up in the excitement. The flag for Germany emoji was everywhere when they won the World Cup in 2014:

The flag for Germany emoji also pops up in discussions because of its role in WWII. References to events in the war, like Hitler and the Holocaust, are frequently paired with this emoji to represent Germany in the war.

Germans are also known for their expertise in engineering, especially cars, which is why so many pictures of German cars like BMW and Volkswagen also feature the flag for Germany emoji.

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