👖 - jeans emoji

or jeans emoji or pants emojis or denim emoji

[jeenz] or [pants ih-moh-jee] 

What does 👖 mean?

Depicting a pair of unisex blue jeans, the jeans emoji is variously used to convey casual attire, denim-based fashion, shopping, and pants and clothing more generally.

Examples of 👖 - jeans emoji


Examples of 👖 - jeans emoji
Successful shopping today ! 😊👍👌👖❤️
@Simone_Babyy, December, 2012
#10ThingsIFindAttractive sense of styleeee 👚👕🎽👖👟👞
@MsLadyLIONESS, November, 2011

Get these jeans 👖 off. Shorts on #change. #smartwear to #casual.

 @DAMORKO666, June, 2017
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Where does 👖 - jeans emoji come from?

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The jeans emoji was first introduced in 2010 under Unicode 6.0. Officially called the jeans emoji, it also is popularly called the denim, pants, or trousers emoji, all of which the emoji is also used to symbolize.

The jeans emoji isn’t gendered, and it is frequently paired with other attired-based emoji in its various fashion contexts.

Who uses 👖 - jeans emoji?

The jeans emoji is often used in text messages relating to casual attire. It can describe how someone is dressed or how they should come dressed depending on the event (e.g., No need to get fancy, dinner is casual 👚👖).

The jeans emoji isn’t restricted to jeans as such and can be used when discussing pants or trousers in general (e.g., Just lounging at home in my favorite comfy clothes 👕 👖).

On social media, those who are packing for an upcoming trip or looking forward to shopping might use the jeans emoji alongside other clothing or accessories emoji to showcase what they plan to bring or buy on their trip: “Time to pack for LA 👖👗👙🕶️!!”.

Fashion brands and individuals interested in fashion may use the jeans emoji when discussing the latest denim or jeans trends (e.g., 👖 Jean skirts are coming back in style 👖). In this vein, people may use the jeans emoji when posting about an outfit they are wearing or like.

The jeans emoji can sometimes be used humorously when describing clothing is optional, such as during sex: “no pants required 👖 😉”.

As with many other emoji, the jeans emoji can be used as a tone marker or complete substitute for a word: “I can’t wait to get home and take off my work 👖”.

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