🦞 - lobster emoji

or lobster emoji

[lob-ster ih-moh-jee]

What does lobster emoji mean?

Pass the butter! The lobster emoji, mmmmm (oops, sorry for the drooling), is finally crawling around the internet, replacing the crab emoji that was used in a pinch before 2018. Yes, of course the world needed a lobster emoji! Crab is not lobster, lobster is not crab. They're not even related.

The lobster emoji depicts the tasty marine crustacean in bright red, with its two large claws, ten legs, and delicious tail.


It's used mostly in posts related to lobster and seafood, though it has recently taken on another meaning in the transgender community.

Examples of 🦞 - lobster emoji


Examples of 🦞 - lobster emoji
I’m thankful to have shared 23 years together & 15 years of marriage. Glad To have found my 🦞. Happy Anniversary love bug!
@rocha_cc, November, 2018
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Where does 🦞 - lobster emoji come from?

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The lobster emoji had to claw its way into a Unicode suite. After much outrage about the necessity of using the crab emoji in its place and a lobbying effort that included a pitch by Maine US Senator Angus King, the lobster finally made its debut in early 2018. It was met with howls of protest: it only had eight appendages, or legs, instead of ten. Shame.

“Does it really matter? Does the poop emoji really look like poop?” naysayers wrote.

Well, we are happy to report that that the Unicode Consortium corrected the mistake, and the lobster emoji, released as part of Unicode 11.0 in 2018 and added to Emoji 11.0 in 2018, is now a more accurate representation of the bug (that’s a lobster nickname, if you didn’t know) on all platforms. Twitter’s version has a whiff of whimsy about it, but there is no doubting it’s a lobster.

Interestingly, the emoji has also been adopted by the transgender community, which has been lobbying Unicode for an emoji in the way of a blue and pink transgender flag for over two years. They were very disappointed when Unicode 11.0 was released and they saw that their efforts were unrewarded. Double shame.

Why the lobster, you ask? The lobster is a gynandromorph, an organism that contains both male and female characteristics.


Who uses 🦞 - lobster emoji ?

The lobster emoji is mostly used in food posts and in messaging that relates to the lobster in the way of branding, labels and design, and the lobstering industry.

Transgender activists have also now claimed the lobster as their own—at least until the requested transgender flag is released.

Now, if you can bear to look at some truly mouth watering images, carry on.

Speaking of Maine, the lobster emoji is also used in messaging that relate to Maine culture. Here, a Maine political candidate adopts the lobster as part of her branding.

And, of course, the lobster emoji is used in romantic posts and declarations of love. Because … Friends.

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