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🧎Person Kneeling emoji

[pur-suhn neel-ing ih-moh-jee]

What does 🧎Person Kneeling emoji mean?

The person kneeling emoji, 🧎, depicts a person on their knees, as if praying or resting.

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Where does 🧎Person Kneeling emoji come from?


The person kneeling emoji was approved under Unicode 12.0 in 2019. The March 2018 proposal to Unicode for the person kneeling emoji also suggested the additions of a person standing (which won approval as🧍) and person sitting (which became represented in chair 🪑) to join person walking🚶 and person running 🏃 “to complete a full set of basic human behaviours associated with stillness and motion.”

The kneeling person emoji shows a person in profile, usually wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and shoes, resting on their knees with their hands on their lap. The kneeling person emoji is by default a yellow man or gender-neutral person. When joined with the male sign emoji ♂, it specifically becomes man kneeling. When joined with the female sign emoji ♀, the kneeling person emoji shows a woman kneeling. For all genders, the kneeling person is wearing blue pants or jeans; the man kneeling is wearing a green or red t-shirt (in versions released so far); the woman kneeling is wearing a purple shirt. As for other emoji based on people, skin-tone modifiers are available for person kneeling emoji.

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On unsupported platforms, person kneeling emoji may display as an empty box.

Examples of 🧎Person Kneeling emoji

📝 Gender-unspecified code points which display as women or men on most platforms (at present) ....  👱 🙍 🙎 🙅 🙆 💁 🙋 🧏 🙇 🤦 🤷 👮 🕵 💂 👷 👳 🦸 🦹 🧙 🧚 🧛 🧜 🧝 🧞 🧟 💆 💇 🚶 🧍 🧎 🏃 👯 🧖 🧗 🏌 🏄 🚣 🏊 ⛹ 🏋 🚴 🚵 🤸 🤼 🤽 🤾 🤹 🧘
@Emojipedia, March, 2019
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Who uses 🧎Person Kneeling emoji?

As the person kneeling emoji is young, it hasn’t gotten its legs yet …

As person kneeling emoji becomes more familiar on our emoji keyboards, expect the emoji to be used as a gesture of respect or worship, especially in a religious sense akin to place of worship emoji, which depicts a figure one their knees praying 🛐.

Kneeling is a position also assumed in other activities, from sports to exercise to resting to … more adult endeavors. Expect to find person kneeling applied to such contexts.

The person kneeling emoji may also be used in the context of various knee-related expressions (e.g., on one’s knees, take a knee, etc.).

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