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☘️ Shamrock emoji

[seynt pa-triks dey] or [sham-rok ih-moh-ji]

What does ☘️ Shamrock emoji mean?

Kiss me, I'm Irish ... or at least the shamrock emoji is since it's commonly known as the St. Patrick's Day emoji given its popular use every March 17th.

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Where does ☘️ Shamrock emoji come from?

Examples of ☘️ Shamrock emoji

sooo pumped for st patty’s ☘️🍻💃
@matt_grajeda, March, 2018
Get loud!!! Thanks for your support! Go Irish! ☘️🏀👏🏽
@ndwbb, December, 2016
Ugh I can't wait to see Hanny tomorrow to reunite and plan our Irish vacation 😍☘️👯‍♀️🇮🇪
@jaycol19, December, 2016

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Who uses ☘️ Shamrock emoji?

In text messages and social media, the St. Patrick’s Day emoji is used to observe the holiday on or around March 17th. Expect it to be paired with the four-leaf clover emoji, the rainbow emoji, the Irish flag emoji, and—because Americans use the holiday as an excuse for a booze-fest—the beer mug emoji.

Given its symbolic associations with Irish people and culture, many people in and outside Ireland use the St. Patrick’s Day emoji when talking about or taking pride in Irish life and culture.

The emoji is very commonly used to rep the Irish-styled NBA team, the Boston Celtics, or Notre Dame College’s Fight Irish teams as well.

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