[ em-bluhm ]
/ ˈɛm bləm /


an object or its representation, symbolizing a quality, state, class of persons, etc.; symbol: The olive branch is an emblem of peace.
a sign, design, or figure that identifies or represents something: the emblem of a school.
an allegorical picture, often inscribed with a motto supplemental to the visual image with which it forms a single unit of meaning.
Obsolete. an inlaid or tessellated ornament.

verb (used with object)

to represent with an emblem.

Origin of emblem

1400–50; late Middle English < Latin emblēma inlaid or mosaic work < Greek émblēma something put on, equivalent to em- em-2 + blêma something thrown or put; compare embállein to throw in or on
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British Dictionary definitions for emblem

/ (ˈɛmbləm) /


a visible object or representation that symbolizes a quality, type, group, etc, esp the concrete symbol of an abstract ideathe dove is an emblem of peace
an allegorical picture containing a moral lesson, often with an explanatory motto or verses, esp one printed in an emblem book

Derived forms of emblem

emblematic or emblematical, adjectiveemblematically, adverb

Word Origin for emblem

C15: from Latin emblēma raised decoration, mosaic, from Greek, literally: something inserted, from emballein to insert, from ballein to throw
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