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🦥 Sloth emoji

[slawth ih-moh-jee]

What does 🦥 Sloth emoji mean?

Better slow down to appreciate this one!

The sloth emoji, 🦥, depicts a sloth, generally shown hanging from a tree branch. When not used for the adorable creature, the emoji may be used to indicate slowness or laziness.

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Where does 🦥 Sloth emoji come from?

Lidia F. Monje / AppAdvice

Sloths are shaggy creatures found in the forests of South and Central America and being slow is what sloths are best known for. They also spend most of their time hanging around in trees in the rainforest eating. Not too shabby.

The word sloth in English is attested by the 12th century for “sluggishness” and “laziness.” It’s an old noun form of slow. Just as long became length or true truth, slow became … sloth!

In the Christian tradition, sloth is considered one of the seven deadly sins. Sloth became the name for the animal by the 1600s.

The sloth emoji was approved under Unicode 12.0 in 2019. Appropriately enough, the tail-less, big-eyed sloth is (so far) depicted hanging from a tree branch in the sloth emoji. On unsupported platforms, the emoji may appear as an empty box.

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Examples of 🦥 Sloth emoji

This may be the sloth emoji one day: 🦥
@DLX, May, 2018
Happy Birthday, Heather! / 🦥 ← That’s a sloth emoji that’s been approved 2 come out @ sum point in 2019, so check back on this tweet L8r in the yr. 2 see it.
@JJENNNN, February, 2019
There is a chance that a sloth might be coming to your emoji lineup next year. Let me repeat: a sloth emoji might be coming in 2019 (!!!).... How many times have you gone to text a friend and wished for a small digital sloth to send?
Rachel Murphy, Elite Day, May, 2018

Who uses 🦥 Sloth emoji?

As of 2019, the sloth emoji is new, so evidence for its specific applications is emerging … gradually.

Of course, expect the sloth emoji to be used of the creatures themselves, popular and beloved as they are.

And, because of associations with the animal, also expect to see the sloth emoji used on social media and in texts to symbolize laziness or taking it slow and easy.

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